Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From The D. to shining Sea.

One thing I can say about my life is that it's never static. As a good Buddhist, I should merely smile and say, "yes, of course!" As a middling Buddhist, though, I say, "Holy crap! Is my life ever gonna be settled?!" Answer: never, even if I'm physically still. That's just the way it works.

This kind of sums up my experience, and I guess after nearly 40 years I have accepted it (for the most part).

As you may know, the plan post-grad was to move to Detroit. That is no longer true. For reasons that don't necessarily need to be elucidated here, several people (including myself) would benefit by my moving back to Seattle, instead. So...now I'm doing that.

Admittedly, this is not without some sadness. As much as I adore and have missed Seattle, I did have my energies directed toward the Detroit experience, odd as that may sound to some of you. I had actually fallen in love with the city. All the things I said about it in my previous post are true. But, when worthwhile opportunities that seem beneficial for numerous parties present themselves, you have to grab 'em while you can.

Therefore, all the stuff I asked for when I talked about moving to The D?--those hold true for Seattle, too. If any of my Sea-town compatriots know of any work opportunities, feel free to send me the details. I have a lot more experience and education than I did the last time I lived there, but I'm open to all kinds of stuff, despite having hopes I'll land something in academia and/or the arts--which are my two great loves.

I haven't seen some of you for 13 years now, and I look so forward to picking our threads back up. I also look forward to the smell of Elliott Bay, the abundant opportunities for cuisine and culture, and all of that GREEN. So green. I can smell the Douglas firs as I type this.

See you soon, Emerald City.

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Steven said...

Boo to not being in the Motor City, as I was just there this past weekend for a very brief time as I searched out an antique store. I found a great house along Grand River and Rosa Parks that went back to take a pic of just because. I am going to have to go back to D and do some b/w photos of some more old buildings. Hopefully you can find a nice film camera or two out there in Seattle.